Born a wheat farmer, for many years Paul nurtured a burning desire to make a difference for people, and especially to make a difference for young people.  Along the journey, a choice was made to find techniques that work and techniques that empower individuals. Paul made a choice to consider non-traditional, techniques for allowing individuals to take charge of their life’s circumstances. He has embarked on a pathway to find new and better ways to inspire individuals towards personal insight and universal appreciation.

Paul consistently looks to push the boundaries, he integrates the evidence-based practice of traditional therapy, concepts from Quantum physics and spirituality that reflects the teachings of ancient masters.   Paul recognises that current research in biology, physics, and neuroscience is now supporting the wisdom handed down from ancient healers regarding mental health and wellness.

As a Therapist, Paul has specialised and responded to individuals dealing with some of the more difficult life questions. He has worked with individuals and provided community training in the areas of youth suicide & self-harm, Domestic & Family violence, Palliative Care, Aged Care, and Death & Dying.

Paul’s special interest has always been to inspire young people to take charge of their life as they reach for their potential. This is about young people leading and teaching other young people.

Paul has demonstrated a 90-95 per cent success rate with clients by using a combination of techniques. His practice integrates mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, energy psychology and highlighting the connection between an individual’s thinking, their cellular response, and the experiences they have every day. For Paul therapy begins and ends in the realm of spirituality and conscious living.

Paul describes himself as a Holistic Therapist focusing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of an individual’s life always looking to align with the Authentic Self.

Paul has a passionate belief in the unlimited power we each have as an individual, and our ability to overcome the most traumatic of experiences.

Paul’s passion is about inspiring young people and energising individuals to do the same.