Imagine a place, a location, a hub where a range of resources, services and activities are offered specifically to respond to the holistic needs of all young people and children. Information, knowledge and skills will be provided with opportunities for experiential learning. It is recognised that words do not teach and that only experience teaches, and so here learning will take place through hands-on participation. There is access to this learning through experiential involvement and participating in a variety of programs which address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of his or her life.

The resources and training highlight the need for addressing all areas of an individual’s world. There is a particular focus on strengthening the ability to address internal conflict (psychological, emotional, spiritual) using internal resources. The holistic approach in training and the practical application of this training is aimed at building resilience and developing leadership qualities which all lead to participating as contributing members of society.

Located in one venue are opportunities for all young people to gain insight, awareness, understanding and personal knowledge about themselves as unique individuals with unique qualities and challenges.

All practitioners, trainers, teachers, and resource personnel will live the principles of the hub as well as promote these principles and practices. The principles and practices are based on universal principles of compassion, sensitivity, caring, understanding, acceptance, and connection.