Young People – A Movement

A Movement: a path to freedom of self-expression & empowerment

A Picture

  • It is a movement or organisation made up of young people, run by young people, for young people and community.
  • It is made up of individual young people and groups of young people.
  • It has a central office that coordinates, administers, and sustains the individual and group membership.
  • There are a number of individual coaches who provide ongoing training, advice, and guidance to members.
  • The philosophy, structure, processes and content are all transportable.
  • Responses are flexible to address the individual’s circumstances and needs.
  • There is a down-to-business approach for being self-resourced and self-sufficient.
  • Representatives of the membership make up a decision-making body.
  • The decision-making body has the responsibility for ensuring the holistic health, management, and growth of the organisation is continuous.
  • This ‘body’ is accountable to the membership.
  • There is an Advisory Board comprising more senior community members who provide a guidance and advisory role in terms of the organisation’s physical, mental, emotional, and energetic well-being.
  • Venues for coming together are flexible to meet the particular needs of those young people.


The Purpose
For young people

A sense of self

Believing in oneself and the potential of all individuals to create a quality life
Believing in their own creative powers to establish their destiny
Coming to understand that there are no victims, only us gods who play victim
By learning to think outside the square for their benefit and that of the community
By learning to think like the most holistically successful people in the world
A way of feeling good about self no matter their circumstance, history, heritage, gender, or distinguishing characteristic
By understanding and learning that the power to move mountains is within all individuals.

Sense of community

Friends and friendships
Relationship development and changing
Understanding the purpose and magic of relationships
Bond with other young people and adults who have similar thinking
By understanding that as individuals they can build castles, together they can build worlds
By joining together and working to change the quality of living conditions of other young people throughout the world
By contributing to the development and sustainability of their local community through service
By providing inspiration and motivation for all young people within the community
Understanding the effects of being an active member of their community in terms of raising the social capital
By making connections and developing joint initiatives with the wider community.

A sense of achievement

Meeting personal challenges and fears, with the support of other young people
Learning how to make choices based on conscious living rather than unconscious living
Using the great and sound law of deliberate creation by setting personal goals
Opportunity to ‘learn’, and grow through activities and challenges in a safe environment
Learning that success is a personal measure which brings happiness rather than endless striving
Receiving acknowledgement for all achievements
Recognition for being who they are at any moment
Developing and engaging a personal customised plan for success in personal, social and work
By learning to run meetings, manage clubs, organisations and debate this learning
By displaying achievements to the wider community with a sense of humility and pride

A sense of responsibility

Understanding everyone has a responsibility to self – done well and all will benefit
Accepting a responsibility for others means seeing the others as individuals with potential not victims of circumstance
By understanding, they have the power to change their life by making choices
Learning to take positions of responsibility within the organisation
Aspiring to positions of responsibility within commerce and the community
Learning the purpose, philosophy, and practice of leadership and be active leaders in their chosen worlds
Understanding that there are rights and privileges, choices and consequences, laws and agreements
By understanding that we are all one and that what is done to another is done to oneself
Understanding that information brings power, and power brings responsibility, and responsibility brings choice, choice brings consequences
It is the choice they each make between moments that prescribes their destiny

For the community

Increased levels of social capital for the community
Increased levels of resilience and community capacity building
Increase capacity for communities to respond to the needs of young people
Raised levels of social connectedness within communities
Increased recognition/acknowledgement of individuals and community strengths
Improved levels of engagement for individuals within their communities
Increased levels of respect across generations
Projects undertaken by young people will benefit community