Triggers are just that – triggers

We all have powerful triggers in our life. Triggers exist and will always exist. There will be people, places and events that leave us feeling “good” and there will be abusive, disrespectful and challenging people in this world who leave us feeling “bad”. It is the way of the world. It is this contrast that hatches creativity, invention, the story of evolution from the beginning of time.

We learn as we grow up how important it is, if we don’t like a particular trigger in our outer world, we have to find a way to change something about those outside conditions so we can feel ok. We learn to be dependent on the conditions of the outside world to make or keep us happy. The hidden reality is we cannot change something on the outside if we don’t change it on the inside. That being said, it may be possible to change something for a short time, but ultimately it will return to the same status or similar, and always with a similar vibrational frequency. Becoming empowered to choose your life requires us to learn ways of changing our internal conditions so that we can secure changes in our outer world.

Any holistic response will teach you how to go about owning your own emotionally charged memories so that nobody has the power to trigger you again.

Stage 1. Learning how your story serves your empowerment.

Stage 2. Explanation and demonstration of techniques from Energy Psychology and Spirituality.

Stage 3. This is you using uncommon techniques for your empowerment and healing.

Testimonials & Good News Stories

“Paul I can’t thank you enough for your insight and wisdom. You’ve helped me through one of the toughest times in my life and I’ll be forever grateful for what you have taught me. You have an innate sense of intuition and understanding and I’ve been able to relate to you from the first day I met you. Everyone has a story but you’ve taught me that life is about the “now.” Your Magic practice has given me simple tools which has helped with emotional and spiritual awareness which has led to my self-healing.


“As a counsellor myself, when I am in need of a good counselling session, I see Paul. Paul is hands down the best listener there is, and an unconditionally accepting and non-judgemental human being. It doesn’t matter what I say to him, he doesn’t bat an eyelid and will walk alongside me as I sift through the issues, expertly guiding me to a resolution and healing.

Paul brings through a higher perspective and timeless spiritual wisdom into his sessions. Such holistic counsellors as Paul are a rare find – he is what I consider to be a master of this work.”


“Paul, please know you are an amazing guider and empower-er, you have a gentle kindness that is so rare today in psychology or the broader health system! You have enabled my growth immensely!”


“After my very first session with you Paul I thought this man is definitely the person I need to come into my life and help me gain it back! I have worked closely with you for over two years now and you have taught me so many ways to deal with my pain as well as my happiness, to help me understand my mind is unique and special and that the only person who I need in this world is me. I don’t know how I could have done it without you! Even though you say different 😊 Thank you so much Paul from the bottom of my healing heart.”


You have a unique skill which combines mainstream counselling with alternative energy clearing and self-realisation. We all have emotional baggage and most therapists I’ve seen are all about rehashing the story but you are about being in the present moment and creating emotional security and awareness which has given me the ability to feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life. You always seem to offer up resources that are relevant to what I’m experiencing at that moment which shows your ability to be in tune with the universe and with the people around you. You are way before your time Paul and the world is definitely a much better place for having you in it! You’re an amazing human being and I just feel so blessed to have worked with you.”


“Paul, you might remember when I first came to see you, how I was extremely angry. I spent so much energy blaming and shaming other people for my situation. Until we had that first session. In that first session, I learnt that I did have options open to me. As I learnt to take responsibility for my own feelings and choices, I discovered how to feel better about me and to take charge of my life. You helped me find out why I felt those feelings and for the first time I realised feelings are always a good thing. I was always taught to see my feelings as a negative, especially things like anger and anxiety. You gave me my power back Paul and I thank you.”


“…when I first had a session with you, I left thinking what have I gotten myself into. But when I got home and thought about it, I asked myself what have I got to lose, and then when I did what you suggested, man I have never looked back. You are out there alright, but you have shown me how easy it is for me to take charge of my life. The anxiety has gone and I haven’t had any more panic attacks. I can’t believe I spend 15 mins meditating every day.”

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