Integrity Matters

when interacting with the spirit of beings in a physical world

From those who came before you;
A truth, a wink, an invitation into what to think;

For there is no truth as such, other than what you think.

Think of love or think of fear;

This answer, the truth, is taught by every Master and Seer.

Paul Dunne

a brief intoduction


hat started out as thirty years of cultivating the soil morphed into thirty years of cultivating minds. For twenty-seven years, Paul practiced as a registered psychologist. From the very beginning, he adopted a holistic and spiritual perspective to include the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the client within their community.

First Meeting

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A practitioner never knows how much they influence another.

A word, a smile, a comment, a frown, it doesn't take much to turn a life around.

thoughts to Consider

Like the threads of a cloth, we have been woven into the fabric of this universe.

We are attached to, dependent upon, Complimentary, and complementary with each other and the universe.

In this one truth, we each find our version of life. below you will find thoughts for consideration.

Living Projects

Paul has stepped away from face-to-face support and now focuses his energy on his writing and big-picture projects focusing on reminding all young people of their innate potential.

The writing has come as a surprise for someone who doesn't consider himself an author. The big-picture projects have been in the pipeline for some extended time. These visions focus on reminding young people of their unlimited potential, as individual spirits, in this physical world.

This is a book. The book came from of a practice. The practice came from a need to find an answer. The question came from a need to recognise and accept one's divinity while meeting the everyday dragons called by the contrast.

training - teaching

Program support

Of young people, by young people, for all people

opportunities in a safe, supportive setting to expand, express, experience, and enjoy as they grow

Spiritual leadership taught through experiential learning within communities

healing for the physical, mental, emotinoal, and the spirit

practitioners who come from the heart

Young people looking for their authentic self - their spirit in a demanding world


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