To be able to register as a psychologist, I completed 8 years of study. In my 7th year I pulled out of study totally disillusioned with the contradictions.

For the next 27 years I practiced as a registered psychologist continually pushing the boundaries to find new and better ways of supporting my clients.

I had made a contract with myself that I would get that piece of paper, and then I would look for new and better ways of empowering young people.

In June 2019 I made a decision to surrender my registration. After all this time I came to realise I could never fit in to the script of mainstream psychology. I now practice as a Holistic Counsellor and Coach with a foundation built on spirituality.

My name is Paul Dunne. Born a farmer I always wanted to be a psychologist. When I turned 41 I received a piece of paper to say I was a psychologist. After eight years of study and ten years working with young people and communities, I had one quest. I was focused on finding new and better ways of enabling and empowering young people.

In 1992 my post grad thesis focused on a subject considered to be taboo back then, youth suicide and self-harming behaviours amongst young people. For me youth suicide was about powerlessness. Powerlessness to understand and powerlessness to change circumstances.

It has been my quest to find modes of practice, strategies, techniques and social approaches that young people can adopt for their personal and community leadership.

This little quest hasn’t always been a cruise, as Mr quotable himself said, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” (Albert Einstein).

While I acknowledge the need for systems and bodies to manage these systems, integrity requires us to reflect on and consider the holistic benefits for all of life on this planet.

My practice is an integration of mainstream cognitive-behaviour processing fundamentals along with techniques from Energy Psychology, teachings from ancient Masters, and an appreciation for Spirituality as biological and fundamental in our development.

My entire practice is supported by what we know as the laws or principles that operate in the Universe – the Spirit of all of Life.