The world is my reflection – triggers are my freedom.


The physical body comprises upwards of 50 trillion cells. Each of these cells is like a miniature person. Each cell has innate wisdom, and it is this innate self that we communicate with when we use a pendulum or muscle testing. A cell has all the structures the “big” person has, such as a digestive system, a reproductive system, a communication system, a brain, and so on. Cells are intelligent and know exactly what they need to be doing. Each cell communicates with every other cell, first via electromagnetic communication, and only after that by way of chemical and physiological changes. A cell has all the information it needs to develop into any part of a body.

To allow cells to function with their innate wisdom, we need to be in a place of neutrality, if not in a place of acceptance or appreciation. We prevent our cells from following their innate guidance when we are stressed, anxious, angry, depressed, or thinking thoughts that are “less than”. The critical note here is, if we want to allow our cells to do what they know they can do – live their purpose – then we need to get out of our own way. We need to recognize the triggers in our world and understand what they mean for us as players in the game of life. Whatever approach we use, it is critical to employ a holistic response.

We know that attempting to control or eliminate triggers in our life is difficult, if not impossible. There will always be triggers in this life. It is the nature of this life experience to have a contrast of triggers to assist us to grow during this life’s journey. Accepting triggers for what they are isn’t about accepting or condoning disrespectful or abusive behaviors. This is not about judging a trigger to be “good” or “bad”. This is about mindfulness, non-attachment, non-judgment, always looking for the gift as we assert our right and freedom to live as human beings. Triggers are triggers, reactions are reactions, and having a choice is freedom.

We can then choose how we want to respond to these triggers. This thinking is all about highlighting the importance of accepting triggers for what they are – triggers. It is about letting go of any attachment, expectation, or power we might allocate to these triggers. Recognizing triggers as opportunities to experience joy or experience growth is another way of using our personal power, allowing life to unfold. The most important and the most potent contribution triggers play in anyone’s life is they act as reflections like a mirror.

The analogy of reflections in a mirror is a reminder to us that what we perceive is a projection of what we believe about ourselves living in this world. The world is the mirror. What we notice in the mirror is our magical way of coming to understand the many parts of us as individuals. Seeing the reflection allows us the opportunity to accept responsibility for our past choices and our next choice. This isn’t about ignoring the triggers in our life or locking into positive thinking. This is about each of us taking responsibility for our life, owning our feelings, being conscious about our choices, and not handing over the baton to someone else. The mirror simply shows us what we need to look at. It is looking in the mirror that allows us to see we are responsible for ourselves. No one is coming to save us and subsequently, in the decision to “save myself” we find empowerment and hope. Acknowledge the triggers, establish what they are, use a technique to clear them as you establish who you want to be in this world.