Life is an inside-out job

Life is an inside-out job and when we change something on the inside, we change the world reflecting around us.

Most of us interpret thoughts, feelings and triggers as an outside-in process. That is to say, there is something happening on the outside of us that is causing the effect on the inside.

I heard somewhere that if we didn’t have parents we would be better off – more balanced. A strange statement in itself but when all things are considered, we tend to get most of our programming from our guardians (usually parents). This is because we take on our parents’ “stuff” and they, whether they are present or not impose their “stuff” onto us.

As children, we learn how important it is to change what is happening in the world outside so that we might be happier on the inside. Make the people, places and events on the outside happy and this will make me happy. This is back-to-front thinking.

In reality, life is an inside-out process. If we don’t like a particular trigger in our outer world experience, it is necessary to change something about our inside world before we can expect changes on the outside.

When we change the way in which triggers affect us, we hold onto our power rather than giving it away to the external trigger. By remaining in our own power, we not only reverse the impact of any external trigger, but we also stay in a place of personal power. This teaching goes back in time and across borders.

As has been said before in so many different ways, we change the world by becoming the change we want to see.