There is only one answer

Conversations with a coach

Paul Dunne

There is my Ego mind and then there is my Authentic Self. You, me, each of us has an Ego mind and a higher more loving Self.

The Ego mind trusts in the stories it has collected since before the physical body was born into this world. The stories have simply been reinforced or justified if you like, by what we continue to believe. We believe something and then the Ego goes about looking for proof and justification. This way the Ego feels good about itself and soon we become convinced that we cannot do without the Ego mind.

Ever wondered why meditation or quiet time in nature is so difficult for many or so nice for others?

On the other hand, the Authentic Self believes in me as an expression of life itself. My Authentic Self believes in and sees only my awesomeness and divinity. Meditation and quiet time in nature allow my Authentic Self to be heard by my conscious mind which essentially tells the Ego to take a backward step. No wonder it gets frustrated, irritated, agitated, angry and full of fear. It believes it is losing its important role as the director of our life.

Whenever these two aspects are out of alignment there is pain. The greater the misalignment, the greater the pain.

“I am never upset for the reason I think because I am constantly trying to justify my thoughts. I am constantly trying to make them true. I make all things my enemies so that my anger is justified and my attacks are warranted.” (ACIM lesson 51)

This is the work of my Ego mind and it is an amazing magician – and illusionist. I believe what I see, then I see what I believe. ACIM goes on to explain how until we learn that form does not matter and that choosing fear over love is really the only problem.

Look beyond the form. Life knows no other way than to give to you. Life does not take away. She can only give. When we look past the form, we will see life as she really is, the continuous flow of unconditional love. The universe knows no other way than to say “yes”. The universe will always give you what you conceive and consistently believe. It will not decide if something is good for you or if something is not good for you. It always says yes to you.

The gift in all of this, you have free choice. Whatever you place your focus on to conceive, and whatever you place your trust in, will be your story to believe.

Experiment with this idea. You don’t have to believe anything, just experiment for a few days. Trust life will give you unconditionally and look past the form. What is meant by “the form”? Well, the form is the manner, the shape, the package in which something is presented to you. This could be a physical form but usually, it is a non-tangible form such as a word or statement, an event.

If you look at any experience you have during the day as being presented in a particular form rather than seeing it as it appears, this allows you to see past the form and recognize the essence of the experience. As it suggests in the ACIM workbook, remind yourself that you are not upset for the reasons you think. That is all. No big discussion or analysis, simply challenge your own thinking and allow the insights to come in their own time. But you need to challenge the thoughts.

Maintain a focus on what you want Life to say yes to. By letting go of the need for a certain wrapping paper or form, you allow the most loving gift to present.

No matter what you believe, or believe in, surely it is worth a little experiment.