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33 Ways for 33 Days #6

Play the Quantum Game What does it do – Allows you to recognize yourself and life around you, everything in and around you, from a quantum perspective. Quantum physics, ancient teachings,

33 Ways for 33 Days # 2

Learn to recognise what is happening in your body in any moment, without allowing yourself to become caught up in the attached stories. It is the stories that you attach to current events that cause emotional responses including pain in the form of anxiety, stress, anger, depression, powerlessness, and

33 Ways for 33 Days

As far back as 1896 research has been carried out to see how turning the light coming into our eyes upside down might affect our perception and our behaviour. This was achieved by using goggles which made the world appear upside down. G.M. Stratton (David P. McGovern, 2012) was

There is only one answer

There is only one answer from Conversations with a coach Paul Dunne There is my Ego mind and then there is my Authentic Self. You, me, each of us has an Ego mind and a higher more loving Self. The Ego

It’s an inside-out job

Life is an inside-out job Life is an inside-out job and when we change something on the inside, we change the world reflecting around us. Most of us interpret thoughts, feelings and triggers as an outside-in process. That is to say, there is something happening

Relationship & Expectations

Expectations Ruin Relationships from Conversations with a Coach Paul Dunne “Once I used to be happy and now, I don’t feel anything.  I’m not happy around other people where once I loved being with people.  I’ve got problems with my relationship.  All of my


33 Ways for 33 Days #5

Life is an Inside-Out Game What does it do – Life is an inside-out game with no timeouts, rehearsals, and no second attempts. Everything we believe, think about, and feel starts and finishes within. This concept says to you and the rest of the

33 Ways for 33 Days #4

Taking charge by taking a look What does it do – This first step is simply about stopping and observing, becoming the observer. It is recognising that something is out of balance (or not). Something is going on inside of you. Something is ‘wrong’, (or right) and

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