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33 Ways for 33 Days #6

Play the Quantum Game What does it do – Allows you to recognize yourself and life around you, everything in and around you, from a quantum perspective. Quantum physics, ancient teachings,

33 Ways for 33 Days # 2

Learn to recognise what is happening in your body in any moment, without allowing yourself to become caught up

Relationship & Expectations

Expectations Ruin Relationships from Conversations with a Coach Paul Dunne “Once I used to be happy and now, I don’t feel anything.  I’m not happy around other people where once I loved being with people.  I’ve got problems with my relationship.  All of my

The Humble Heart

The Humble Heart   from Conversations with a coach Paul Dunne What are your emotional indicators? Emotions states such as anxiety, depression, anger, self-harm are natural states used to guide us towards completeness and happiness. Here you will learn to embrace your emotions rather than


33 Ways for 33 Days #4

Taking charge by taking a look What does it do – This first step is simply about stopping and observing, becoming the observer. It is recognising that something is out of balance (or not). Something is going on inside of you. Something is ‘wrong’, (or right) and

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